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You guys really are a wonderful friendly band and such a great choice for an alternative to the usual boring wedding band.
— Amie and Jack – Somerset (Wedding)


Brass Junkies are passionate about their music and they will help make your wedding one to remember.

The band is adept at tailoring their performances for any wedding venue. They can be mobile and acoustic performing during the wedding ceremony, during the afternoon drinks reception inside/outside and as part of the evening party entertainment with/without a PA.

Brass Junkies have performed at many different types of weddings from woodland ceremonies in Gloucestershire, tipi weddings in Wales, beach ceremonies in Devon and leading the celebrations through the streets from Islington Town Hall to wedding performances at Country Houses and some of the top wedding venues across the country.

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You were brilliant. Thank you for everything. You really made the day extra special, and completely unforgettable.
— Chris Clarke (Wedding Hauser & Wirth)



We are always adding new songs to our repertoire.

Please click the button below to view or download our most recent list.


 Frequently Asked Questions

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What size lineups do you offer?


We offer different sized lineups to suit different events.
Band sizes are:
:: 5-piece (trumpet, tenor saxophone, trombone, sousaphone and drums)
:: 6-piece (2x trumpets, tenor saxophone, trombone, sousaphone and drums)
:: 7-piece (2x trumpets, tenor saxophone, alto/baritone saxophone, trombone, sousaphone and drums)
:: Full 8-piece band (2x trumpets, tenor saxophone, alto/baritone saxophone, trombone, sousaphone, percussion and drums)


What tunes do you play?


You can view or download our Repertoire.


Can I choose what tunes you play from the repertoire?


Yes, let us know which tunes you would like us to include in our sets.


Can I choose a song that isn’t on your repertoire?


We can do bespoke arrangements depending on the band size you chose and if the tune is suitable for a brass band. Please ask for further details.


Can you play for our First Dance at our wedding?


Yes, feel free to choose a suitable tune from our Repertoire.


How long do you play for?


We usually play 2 x 45 minute sets but can be flexible to suit your event.


Do you play acoustically or with a PA?


We can do either depending on what best suits your event. We can provide a full band PA if necessary. Please ask for further details.


How loud do you play?


We can play as loudly or as quietly as you like. We are used to working at various sized venues and can adjust the volume as required.


How long do you take to setup?


Depending on the size of the band, for acoustic performances 10 - 20 minutes and if we are providing the PA or using the house PA system 20 - 40 minutes


Can you play outside?


Yes we can play pretty much anywhere!


Can you play on the move?


Yes we can – the drummer straps on a snare drum and we are ready to go!


Do you provide a DJ service?


No. If you have requested the band PA as part of your booking it is possible to connect your device (iPad, iPhone etc) via a mini jack lead for your music to be played during our break between sets only.